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  • This HSC Physics website is currently under construction.  If you are looking for current Stage 6 Physics information - see button below.  Please note that my original site will no longer be maintained as this course is ending.  The server on which my original site is stored will be decommissioned early this year.  I have provided all the notes for the current Year 12 Physics Syllabus on a dedicated page on this site.  This new site is devoted to the new Stage 6 Physics Syllabus commencing in 2018 in Year 11.

  • Welcome to this Senior Physics web site!  This education site is managed by Bob Emery.  It is designed as a reference point for students of the new NSW Stage 6 Physics Course commencing in Year 11 in 2018.  All visitors are most welcome.

  • This site will provide notes, worksheets, problems, suggested practical activities and advice on all content included in the new Stage 6 Physics Syllabus.  A copy of the syllabus is available at the NESA website.

  • Please contact me by email if you believe there is an error on my site that needs fixing.  I strive to provide completely accurate information and working links at all times and I would appreciate your help in alerting me to anything that needs correcting.  Contact me. 

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  • NOTE: Java is a powerful script used to create applets.  Versions of Java beyond Java 7 Update 51 block any apps that are unsigned, self-signed or missing permission attributes.  I use some Java apps on this site (eg apps from Walter Fendt).  They are excellent for helping students understand Physics.  Where possible I have used the latest updates of Java applets which avoid this issue.  However, if you find that your computer is blocking these apps, please go to the website below (in red) and follow the instructions there to get your java controls to allow these apps to run.  Basically, it is a case of entering the main address (url) of the app sites into your Java Exception Site List - eg to get the Walter Fendt apps to run you would enter the url into your Java Exception Site List.

    Java Website




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