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Bob Emery HSC Physics Website

For the NSW Stage 6 Syllabus 

  • Welcome to this Senior Physics web site.  This education site is managed by Bob Emery.  It is designed as a reference point for students of the current NSW Stage 6 Physics Course.  All visitors are most welcome.

  • As of 6 July 2021, comprehensive notes for all Modules of the Stage 6 Physics Syllabus have been completed.  More will be done - worksheets & practicals - on each of these pages as I get time to do so.  Some other related material eg notes on Measurement, is available under the Home tab.

  • I have added some clarification on magnetic flux in Module 6 notes.  This includes an extended note in Appendix B (2/6/22).

  • I have added some useful information to the Climate Change page (21/11/21).  There is information on what we can do as individuals and families to help fight climate change.  There is a new letter to the Prime Minister (updated 6/11/21) asking for effective action on climate change.  It is for people to download, alter as needed and email to the PM, if you wish to do so.  Please send one.

    There is also a new link to an excellent ABC news article summarizing where Australia is up to with its climate change fight.  A must read.  Go to Climate Change page now.


  • A copy of the syllabus is available at the NESA website.

  • Please contact me by email if you believe there is an error on my site that needs fixing.  I strive to provide completely accurate information and working links at all times and I would appreciate your help in alerting me to anything that needs correcting.  Contact me.

    Disclaimer and Warning
    I check as much as possible the appropriateness of each Website to which I provide a link.  However, it is clearly not possible for me to check every word and every link on every site.  Please assist me by emailing me immediately if you discover that a link that I provide leads to material of an offensive or inappropriate nature.  It is certainly not my intention to provide such links and I will remove such links as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your assistance.

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