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For the NSW Stage 6 Syllabus 

  • This HSC Physics website is currently under construction.  This site is devoted to the current Stage 6 Physics Syllabus that commenced in 2018.

  • As of 22 June 2020, the Year 11 Modules Kinematics and Dynamics & the Year 12 Modules Advanced Mechanics and The Nature of Light have been completed.  More will be done on these pages once the notes for all Modules have been completed.  Some other related material eg notes on Measurement, is available under the Home tab.  More coming very soon.

  • Please let me know which Module you would like done next.  I can't promise but I'll see what I can do.  Contact me.  The next Module to be covered is Module 8: From The Universe To The Atom.  I will start on this as soon as possible.

  • Welcome to this Senior Physics web site.  This education site is managed by Bob Emery.  It is designed as a reference point for students of the NSW Stage 6 Physics Course.  All visitors are most welcome.

  • This site will eventually provide notes, worksheets, problems, suggested practical activities and advice on all content included in the Stage 6 Physics Syllabus.  A copy of the syllabus is available at the NESA website.

  • Please contact me by email if you believe there is an error on my site that needs fixing.  I strive to provide completely accurate information and working links at all times and I would appreciate your help in alerting me to anything that needs correcting.  Contact me. 

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